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Thrive & Well Life Coaching
Life Coach for South Asian & Muslim Women


...and so much more!
South Asian and Muslim Life Coach

Are you dealing with:

Work stress?

Relationship issues?



Religious or cultural identity?


If so, you are not alone! As a South Asian and Muslim, I have personally dealt with and navigated through the unique challenges and issues that are often common in South Asian and Muslim households. My Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy coupled with over 1,000 client session hours gives me a unique advantage when it comes to being well equipped to help others reach their full potential while prioritizing their own happiness.


Coaching is not traditional therapy -we may dig into your past when it is relevant to your current goals, but the primary focus is to help you in the here and now and moving forward. What are your current struggles?

What goals you looking to achieve and/or work through in the next 3, 6, or 12 months?

Reach out below to schedule a 15 minute complimentary call and

let's get started on the path to a better YOU!

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  • Coaching is provided via telehealth and phone call only
  • Insurance is not accepted

M.G., Los Angeles CA

"I initially reached out to Sumieya for coaching during a difficult transition in my life 2 years ago. I did A LOT of research on coaches and even met many via complimentary sessions. I ended up choosing Sumieya over others due to her professionalism, wealth of knowledge, and approachable friendly demeanor - I am so grateful to have found her! Throughout the last 2 years, she has provided me with a safe space to discuss my concerns along with unlimited encouragement and guidance to set and achieve my goals. She's been a constant source of wisdom and positivity the last few years - if you are looking for someone to bring out your best self, Sumieya is the coach for you!"

H.A., San Francisco, CA

I had trouble adjusting to professional and personal life changes 6 months ago and sought out Sumieya's coaching services thanks to a coworker's referral. In these past few months, Sumieya has helped me with accountability, confidence, and stress management. She listened to my needs and helped come up with a plan of action. I have a renewed commitment to my professional and personal goals thanks to our sessions and highly recommend anyone needing guidance and coaching to reach out to Sumieya!
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